Eggs Florentine-
Rating-* * * * *
This is delish. If you are looking for something extra filling this is the breakfast for you Popeye! 5 stars! Tasty and filling!

Elvis-Peanut Banana French Toast-
Stuffed French Toast Ala Orange-
Rating-* * * * *
Both of these are GREAT! I morphed Elvis, and Stuffed French Toast Ala Orange from the Peanut Butter & Jelly French Toast recipe from Richard Simmons FoodMover Cookbook. I suggest Walden Farms zero calorie pancake syrup for topping them with.. 5 stars for fast, easy and tasty!

Italian Sunrise-
Rating-* * * * *
Want to feel like you are on a vacation in Italy? Stir this up, and you will be there! 5 stars!

Long Island Zucchini Impossible Quiche-
Rating-* * * * *
A TOPS friend of mine in Long Island, who was also the wife of Vince's uncle Donald's Transit Police partner, used to make this for every TOPS occasion, it was exceptionally delicious. But, she would never share the recipe. Here's my healthy version as best as I can come close to her's.

Comfort Foods

Cozy Autumn Mac and Cheese-
Rating-* * * * *
Wow, I can't believe I hit a home run first time out on trying this one. This was for sure comforting. My kids gobbled it up! Not only did they want seconds, but thirds and fourths too!

Sunday Picnic Deviled Eggs-
Rating-* * * * *
This truly was a discovery! I'm pretty impressed with myself for this one, if I do say so myself! If you love deviled eggs, and are looking for something super low in weight watchers points, this recipe is for you!


Rating-* * * *
I give them 4 stars, after their creation I have been able to make them much lower calories. But, if you are looking for something new check them out. They are very simple to make. And very tasty.

Leona's Healthy Nacho Casserole-
Rating-* * * *
This is plain good comfort food. I've yet to meet a man or kid who doesn't love it!


Curried Turkey Pizza-
Middle Eastern Pizza-
Rating-* * *
They are good. I give them 3 stars cause of the amount of starch windows they use. But, they are very tasty!

Soups and Stews

Turkey Noodle Soup-
Rating-* * * * *
I adapted this recipe from Richard Simmons Golden Edition Deal A Meal Cookbook, Top of the Stove Casserole. It is a favorite of mine and my families. Every one always loves it. And can't believe how good it smells and tastes! It is fast and easy to make.


Roasted Spaghetti Squash-
Rating-* * * * *
This is one of my favorite fall side dishes. Surprisingly, yet thankfully it's also one of my kids favorite veggies.


Rating-* * * * *
Looking for a low calorie, delicious snack, that will keep you full too! This is just what the doctor ordered. Serve with celery, or carrot sticks, or apples, any fruits or veggies are delicious and filling with this yummy nutritious dip.


Creamy Pumpkin Cheesecake-
Rating-* * * * *
This was awesome. So far I think this is one of the best desserts I've come up with so far!

Grandma's Bread Pudding-
Rating-* * * * *
This was delish! It reminded me so much of my grandma's, I had to name it Grandma's! It was originally supposed to be Eggnog Bread Pudding, but ended up very traditional and yummy!

Impossible Pumpkin Pie-
Rating-* * * * *
I rewrote this recipe. JoAnna Lund had one just like it but with nuts. The nuts brought up the calories and fat. And as much as I love nuts, for this particular recipe I didn't think they enhanced the pie enough to warrant the calories and fat. Many of my friends agreed when tasting it both ways. So I just wrote this up with out the nuts so friends and family would have the calories for reference.

Luscious Heavenly Hash Jell-O Salad-
Rating-* * * * *
This is so refreshing. Any where I take it people always rave about it and I leave with a clean dish. And many requesting the recipe.

Pumpkin Pie Bread Pudding-
Rating-* * * * *
I LOVE this one. It's such HUGE portions, and like eating pumpkin pie, but you get soooooo much! And it's great with Cool Whip Lite!